Tuesday, March 4, 2008

They just called to let us know that he is doing good. They also called about an hour after my last post and said that they put in his double or dual broviac and that they made the incision. They are removing the single central line (broviac) and placing the double for his stem cell transplants.
I forgot to mention that Dr. Meyers was in an accident and injured her leg so she isn't able to do the surgery on her on. Dr. Rollins is doing most of it and she will help out and be in there the whole time. They haven't mentioned how much longer it will take...


Lizzybo said...

Thank you for the updates!!

carolyn q said...

Have been watching for updates, keeping you all in my prayers.
Scott and I will be up tomorrow to visit in the late afternoon.

Heart Hugs,

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