Thursday, March 6, 2008

Out of the PICU

Cohen was able to move to the ICS unit at 5:00pm. He is doing really well but is in a lot of pain. They are able to manage his pain by using the morphine drip. (I think that's what it is called.) They were pushing it 3 times every hour but have had to push it a few more times since 3:00am. He is being so cute though. When he is in pain he'll either call for Elmo or mommy. He has held on to Elmo since he woke up this morning. I'm glad that he has something that comforts him.
He is on a half liter of oxygen now. That tube and the one that goes down to his tummy are driving him crazy. He itches his nose and tugs at them every time he is awake. He pulled the one in his tummy out of his nose three times before he went down for the night. I think they will remove that one once he has a bowel movement. Since his intestines were disrupted he needs it to keep his stomach empty and to keep the air out. He has a little congestion in his lungs and once he coughs that up he probably wont need to be on oxygen anymore. I think that one is a little more irritating since it is drying out his nose.
It's funny; my kids always seem to cut estimated recovery time in half. I hope Cohen continues to do better and wont be in so much pain soon.


Melissa said...

I hope that he is continuing to do well with recovery today!

Christina said...

Just checking in and wanted you to know we are thinking of you!

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