Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant

Well today's the day and it's already over. They started at 10:43 and it was done at 11:05. The stem cells are given just like a transfusion but they let the cells free flow into him. He was sleeping the whole time. It was pretty neat to see how they did everything. They stored them in nitrogen in a container (picture below.) The prep is like what you'd see in a scientific movie. She had to use this big long blue gloves and dry ice smoke came out of it when she opened it. The little container that held the bag of stem cells also had the dry ice smoke coming off of it. The pictures I took didn't show the smoke. They defrosted the bag in hot water hung it and it went in to him. I'll take that transplant anyday!!! Below are pictures of him before, during, and after the transplant, the large container, the many little containers, the lady holding the one container that held the bag they used (she moved while I took the picture ha,) the bag of stem cells, and the presents he got from the Bone Marrow Team. Yay!!! One done one to go. He is done with chemo for this stay. His bone marrow just needs to recover before he can go home.


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