Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cohen's wish

Make a Wish Foundation granted Cohen a wish on April 25th. He wished for a backyard playset. It was the perfect wish for Cohen. We really wanted him to receive something that would last. With the treatment Cohen went through, the time spent, the pain, etc... we wanted something that would remind us of the hope we had and how far he had come. Cohen and Kelsi have spent numerous hours everyday outside playing on the playset. Even after it rains they beg us to wipe it down so they can play on it again.
For the first week Cohen was intimidated to play on the playset by himself. He'd only swing or go down the slide with his mommy or daddy. Kelsi encouraged him to swing by himself and told him she'd push him. He did it! He's a little monkey on that playset now. Doing everything his big sister does. He really looks up to her and she encourages him to be brave. I love the relationship they have and now with the playset they're relationship will continue to grow!
Thank you Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah and all of the people that donate to them! I'm at a loss of words of how thoughtful people really are. Going through the things we've gone through have opened our eyes to the numerous good things people do for others.

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