Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small vacation for the kids

Kelsi, Cohen, and I are going to go visit my grandparents in St. George Thursday-Sunday. Cohen's counts are up and he is feeling much better so I decided to take him on a little vacation before he has surgery. We will leave after Cohen gets his blood taken tomorrow. It'll be nice for him to be out of the house and the hospital and in a new environment. Plus he'll be able to play outside a little since it is warmer down there. Unfortunately Chris wont be able to make it because he needs to work Thurs & Fri and then this weekend he is working on my parents basement. But we'll still have fun. Yay! I am so excited.


Kenny & Michele Kingsford Family said...


Hope you have a wonderful weekend. You all deserve a some relaxing time away to help you gear up for next week. Enjoy!


carolyn q said...

I hope your weekend get away was full of relaxing fun.
I am thinking of you think week will all that will happen before Cohen goes in for surgery.
I will be checking on you during the week.

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