Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Erin, my sister-in-law, is participating in Rock the U. Rock the U is a year-long fundraiser to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Their main event is a 26.2 hour dance marathon held in the spring (March 28th-29th) to raise money for cancer research. Each student who participates in the Rock the U dance marathon raises a minimum of $200 to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation in an effort to find a cure for cancer. The idea is for the participants to simulate on a small scale the pain and fatigue cancer patients feel by dancing for 26.2 hours. Erin has set up a fundraising page where people can donate all year long (click here.) How neat would it be if they could soon find a better treatment plan for Neuroblastoma so the parents and child wouldn't have to hear that the success rate is only 1 out of 3. And not only Neuroblastoma but all cancers. It would be better if they actually found a cure for cancer! :o)


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