Thursday, February 7, 2008

The bug has spread/Scans and tests next week

Kelsi has a yucky cough and Chris and I have yucky colds. Hopefully we've caught them from Cohen so he doesn't get worse. Cohen isn't getting better but he isn't getting worse. He doesn't have a fever as often though. He has somewhat of his appetite back. I never did get TPN or IV fluids for him. I called the dietitian but she didn't call me back. He's been eating and drinking now so it's not completely needed. I'll talk to James from Oncology when he calls me today about Cohen's CBCs. He's only grumpy when he just wakes up from a nap or is ready for one; which seems to be more often now since he's not really sleeping during the night or at nap time.
Cohen has a kidney test tomorrow, cat scan and echocardiogram on Monday, hearing and bone scan on Tuesday, and MIBG (tissue) scan on Wednesday. I know he'll be sedated Monday through Wednesday but I'm not quite sure if he'll be sedated for the kidney test. They are checking his right kidney because the tumor has enclosed a little of it. Sometimes with Neuroblastoma they need to remove the kidney because the tumor has damaged it. The echocardiogram and hearing tests are being done because some of the chemotherapies they did can damage them. I haven't noticed anything different with his hearing. We've done our own little tests at home. Dr. Fluchell said he noticed a murmur when he was listening to Cohen's heart... I hope everything looks good on all of the tests. I will update on each test as we find out the results.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers!


Mike & Rebecca said...

I'm sorry to hear that you guys are sick, praying for a speedy recovery and success in the up coming weeks.
Were always here for you....

Hugs, Mike

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