Saturday, February 16, 2008

Much better day

The soonest cardiology could see Kelsi is February 27th; unless she gets worse. So we took her to the pediatrician and her saturation was at 96. Everything looked good. The doctor is unsure of why she was sating at 79. When I checked her the wave form was good an her heart rate was at 70, which is what the pacemaker is at, so I know it was accurate. We are going to keep the cardiologist appointment just to make sure everything is fine. We asked Cohen's nurse if the filter in his room would make it harder for her to breath and she said she would think so. Some of the nurses have a harder time. Hopefully that is just it. I wish I would have thought about it before I freaked out. If so we wont allow Kelsi to be there as much as she has been. :o( They'll miss each other so much. Great news, her heart rate was in the 80's when the doctor checked it!!! Yay the upper chambers are beating more on their own.
Cohen was able to come home today. The most recent cultures were negative. The bacteria that was found in the other one is also found on the skin. They think that it accidentally got mixed in his blood when they were taking it. He hasn't had a fever for almost 2 days and he's doing good. He's also eating really well again.
I don't think I ever wrote the results on his kidneys. They look perfectly fine. I need to call on Monday to see when his tests and scans are scheduled, and the surgery. We are back on track.
I am just so relieved that everything is ok right now. Thank you so much for keeping them in your prayers!!!


Erin said...

Yay for having Cohen home! I posted stuff about "Rock the U" on my blog, will you do something on yours?

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