Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stem Cells have engrafted

Cohen's counts are starting to come back up!!! His white blood cell count started coming up on Friday (it's at 300 today.) His ANC started coming up today (it's 15.) His ANC needs to be above 500 for 2 days before he can go home. He also needs to not have any infections or viruses. So guess what!!! He is negative for RSV today!!! The ribaviren really did the job. He did so well with it. He kept the mask on his face the whole time; even when he was sleeping. (He had to have it 3 times a day for 5 days.) He is doing really good in general. Surprisingly he's fine being up here for so long. Anyways hopefully he will be sent home on Thursday so he can spend his 2nd birthday at home (Friday April 11th. I can't believe he's almost 2.)
Thank you so much for keeping my two cute kids in your prayers!


Christina said...

Yea for better numbers and negative RSV! Hoping for continued improvement and going home soon!

Lizzybo said...

I love the good news. :)

Mike & Rebecca said...

I really don't know how you keep up with have 2 of the toughest kids. We'll keep praying for your family!

Hugs, Mike

Sermon Family said...

I'm glad things are looking up. Ash, you seriously amaze me. I read your posts and think...what?...what does that word mean? You were seriously prepared for this. I'm glad that things are getting better and that Kels isn't really getting her leg cut off. haha. That was cute. And I love your little boy's shirt 'does this shirt make my head look bald'. What a little stud. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!

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