Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cohen is just amazing

So far so good. He has been eating a little and staying healthy. The BMT doctors and nurses are so impressed that he is even eating and playing. They said after the first transplant the kiddos usually just lay around the house. Cohen has been up dancing, acting crazy, and playing with his sister. She really does help him stay normal. They have so much fun together and she encourages him to be crazy. As for eating they said that it takes 6 months after treatment for other neuroblastoma kiddos to even start because of where the tumor is located and all of the stuff they go through. Most of them have the NG tube in. Cohen is soooooooo amazing. He has defied most of their expectations. No mouth sores, eats ok, maintains weight, plays around, shorter stays, minimal nausea, only one extra hospital stay. He is so cooperative with the nurses and his meds. He is so sweet and fun even though he is going through so much. He is definitely my little hero. :o) Hopefully everything continues to go well. Unless he is chosen for a study or gets sick this next stay should be his last. Crazy huh? The 2 weeks he has radiation will be outpatient. His last chemotherapy will be on May 6th. Wow! What an experience this has been. I can't believe the treatment is almost over (even though we still have 2 1/2 months to go.) It has gone by so fast but it seems like he's had this for a long time.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers. They mean so much to us. They've really helped along the way.


Christina said...

Yes, he is amazing and so are you! I am so glad things have gone as well as they have considering the circumstances. I hope the next couple of months go just as well. Happy Birthday Cohen!!!

Ashlie said...

I'm so glad he's doing great! It's amazing how kids get through things. We hope that everything continues to go great.

Allysa said...

Although you don't know who I am I thought I would post you a comment because you are such an inspiration to me. I can't believe what you have had to go through as a mom. You are truley a hero and I thank you for being so strong for your little boy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!
Much Love and Many Prayers~
Allysa Barkdoll

carolyn q said...

What an amazing little guy you have but then having Kelsi be just as amazing and compassionate toward her brother is also wonderful.
I hope things continue to go well and that he can stay well for the next treatment.
You are an amazing mom and should be very proud of your amazing kiddo's.

DeFriez Family said...

Wow! What an amazing little boy he is! And you are wonderful mom. I just wanted to let you know we have been thinking about you (even though we never see each other) and our prayers are with you guys too. Please let me know if you need anything!!!

We love you guys!

Kim and Steve DeFriez

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