Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stem cell collection

They collected Cohen's stem cells yesterday. They were able to get it all in one day! Yesterday was probably the hardest day yet. He was only sedated for about an hour for the catheter. They gave him ativan and then morphine to try and make him fall asleep but he was fighting it. He had to lay straight from 10:00- 7:00. Trying to make a toddler lay still for 9 hours is not easy. He was also very hungry but would not eat because he was laying down. They took the catheter out at 5:50 and had to put a lot of pressure on the site because it was done in the main artery in his leg. They normally only hold it for 15 minutes, but they held Cohen's for an hour and 10 minutes. Since it wouldn't stop bleeding they had to give him platelets and calcium. They sent him home at 8:00 last night. He is doing great today.


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