Monday, January 28, 2008

Chemo maybe Friday?

Cohen's platelets aren't where they need to be in order to start chemo. He is at 61 and they need to be in the 70's. His red and white blood cells are right where they need to be. Which means we get to stop the neupogen shot. Poor kid, yesterday he was limping on his right leg. The doctors told me that the bones can get achy from the neupogen shot. So that's what we are thinking. They said I could give him tylenol for it as long as he doesn't have a fever. But of course he did. It was at 100.4. If it is 100.3 or higher we need to wait an hour check it again and if it is that or higher take him into PCMC. If it is 101.3 we have to take him right in. Luckily it went down to 100 then went away. He is doing much better today. He hasn't limped at all.... They are going to check his blood on Thursday and hopefully start chemo on Friday.
We met with his surgeon, Dr. Meyers. today to review and schedule his surgery. If everything goes well it will be on February 20th. She is going to go in and remove as much of the tumor as she can. He will then be admitted to the PICU because abdominal surgery is very painful and he'll need to be on a lot of pain medication and the ventilator. He wont start chemo until he has completely healed from the surgery because it could kill him... The chemo kills off the fast growing cells and after surgery everything is fast growing so it can heal. He'll heal in 2 weeks to 3 months.
Thank you so much for keeping him in your prayers. The next few things (surgery, high dose chemo, and irradiation) are going to be very hard on him.


Lyndee said...

I found your blog off brynn's :) I will pray for your family! my husband has recently done chemo for cancer also and I know how hard it can be! I'm sure it is different with a child! keep being positive, it really helps! :)

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