Sunday, January 27, 2008

My cute little boy

Cohen has been so cute lately; I love it. He's really lovey to everyone and he says the cutest things. He started making the kissing sound when he kisses and he started putting his arms around our necks when he hugs. He use to just put his head in to us to give us a hug. He's really cuddly too. Cohen is also becoming very mischievous. He really likes to throw things. He knows when he is doing something naughty because when I catch him he says no no before I can. :o) All in all he is such a sweet little boy. I just love this time that we are able to spend with him. Heavenly Father has blessed us with such a cute boy (and girl.) We are so lucky!


carolyn q said...

Oh we should not get Cohen and Cole together because we would have things continually thrown at us. I think it's just a phase! (At least I am hoping).
I know this next week will be very busy with Cohen starting up Chemo again. Scott and I have to come to Primary's to hand in some paperwork and so we will stop by and visit.

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