Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I thought I'd update on Kelsi since it's been awhile. She is doing great. I checked her sats when Cohen was in the hospital. Her heart rate is at 80 (which is what the pacemaker is set at) and her oxygen level is 87. She has a doctors appointment to go to next week. I am interested to see how fast (or slow) her heart is beating at on its own.
She is being so much fun lately. She plays with Cohen so well. I've decided to take her to the hospital for Cohen's stuff now because she helps out so much. Besides when Cohen's sleeping we explore the hospital. I love spending time with her.


Melissa said...

Wiley Family,
I'm glad all went well with the Stem cell collection and that Kelsi is doing good. What exactly are the stem cells going to be used for?
Happy New Year!

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