Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor little Cohen

Last week was pretty hard on Cohen. He felt yucky as soon as the medicines started. He had the same symptoms as last month with the study drug; he was in pain, needed oxygen, retained fluid, slept most of the time, and was grumpy. But with the 2 drugs together he had a few more symptoms; he got a lot welts (that would go away after benedrul,) had fevers, and felt really sick. He retained more fluid this time; it went into his lungs a couple times so they gave him lasix (a diuretic) which would help him pee. They sent him home on Saturday but he still hasn't fully recovered. He's just doesn't feel good; he's laying around and watching tv most of the time. He isn't really eating so we're going to start TPN and lipids again. I hate seeing him this way and going through so much. Hopefully he'll bounce back soon. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers!

Kelsi starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I will post about her first day of school then.


Michelle Richard & Grace said...

Sorry that the study drug has been so hard on Cohen. I hope he feels better soon!

How exciting that Kelsi has started school. She'll have so much fun!

Mike and Rebecca said...

Oh the things that little Cohen has to endure I hope things get easier on him soon, he doesn't deserve this after everything he's been through. I hope Kelsi enjoys school, Brinley started preschool yesterday.


Brad & Britt said...

I really felt so bad when I saw Cohen getting so sick. I felt that It had started out soo well, and then as the days went on, it just made him more sick! I thought that I was going to be your "lucky Charm" to making his study drug experience better! I am so sorry to hear that he is still sick....those drugs really amaze me how they can be a clear liquid that looks like water, then can create such chaos when it enters his little body.

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