Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hospital stay

I've been a slacker. Cohen has been in the hospital since Monday; I haven't posted because I didn't bring my laptop up. :o) He is receiving a drug called Aldesleukin (part of the study) which helps a certain type of white cells kill cancer cells. He hasn't had a reaction to the drug and is doing really well. The plan is for him to go home tomorrow, spend the weekend at home, and then be admitted on Monday. He'll start the CH 14.18 (yucky study drug) along with the Aldesleukin for 4 days and go home either Friday or Saturday.
Cohen is doing really well and his head is getting fuzzier everyday. The fuzz is getting long enough that it lays down rather than sticking up! I guess it's not so much fuzz anymore its hair. It's so much fun to see his hair grow. I will post pictures soon.


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