Monday, August 18, 2008

I think I spoke to soon when I said Cohen was going to be able to go home on Friday. Thursday night he spiked a fever, threw up, and had diarrhea. Friday and Saturday he seemed to be feeling better so they sent him home. He threw up again Sunday evening and has had a really runny nose. He was admitted today to receive the study drug (CH 14.18) and the IL-2 (Aldesleukin- drug he received last week.) He's still not feeling too well and in pain. He'll be here at least until Friday; it just depends on how well he does.
I've been meaning to post some pictures of his hair coming in. It's coming in the same color as it was. He looks so cute with his hair.


Michelle Richard & Grace said...

He's gotten so big. I love his fuzzy head. :)

Ashlie said...

Hope he feels better soon, love his hair.

Alison said...

His hair is adorable!!! :)

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