Sunday, May 11, 2008

Poor Cohen

Cohen isn't feeling too well. He seems to be in pain . We think he has mouth sores but he wont show us. He wont eat and isn't too happy with his mouth care. They put him on a pain medication drip to help him feel better. Also he was a little nauseous yesterday. He has burns from where tape or stickers have been. He already has pretty sensitive skin but the chemo made it really sensitive. We are just trying to make him comfortable and happy.


carolyn q said...

Oh, this breaks my heart that he is not feeling well and dealing with those sores. I will keep him in my prayers that he will get feeling better very soon, as I am sure it's breaking your heart seeing him be in such pain.

Pam said...

Darn it, I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Rhett gets burns too from tape, he blisters and everything. It's so sad.

I can imagine what poor little Cohen's looks like. We are keeping you guys in our prayers all the time.


Pam and Rhett

Lizzybo said...

Thank you for the diligent updates on Kelsi and Cohen. They remain in my prayers, as does your whole family.

Many hugs to you!!!

Sermon Family said...

Poor Cohen! He is so sweet and I know you would love to take it all away from him. I'm also really glad that all went well with Kelsi's procedure. I am reading your 'tag' and am always amazed with how you get everything done on your to do list. If there is anything I can ever do, let me know. Maybe I will co-found a make a wish parent fund with you one day. :) I love you Ash! I'm always praying and thinking about you!

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