Thursday, May 22, 2008


Cohen did get to come home yesterday and he is loving every minute of it. He's actually eating a little more. I'm so glad to have him home and to see Kelsi and Chris more often.
While we were waiting to be discharged I just thought about all of the wonderful people that we've met and that have cared for Cohen. Not very many of Cohen's nurses were there to say goodbye to yesterday. I was a little sad about that but glad that I got to say goodbye to those who were. I'm going to miss seeing them every three weeks. The nurses and techs in the ICS Unit are truly amazing people. Words can't even express how amazing they are. I was able to get close to a handful of them and they've touched my life so much. Thank you! I am going to miss all of you so much. Even though it'd be nice to see you guys again I really hope we never have to! :o) We will come to visit and even during the night shift. You are more than welcome to give my blog address to anyone that wants it; nurses, techs, patient families, etc. Again thank you so so much for all that you've done for Cohen, Kelsi, Chris, and me.
Wow can you believe that he's done with that part of his treatment plan? Time has flown by so fast but yet it feels like we've been doing this for a really long time. All he has left is radiation and oral medication. I'm so excited but so scared. I'm not sure when he will have his scans but they will let us know if his treatment has worked or not.


Christina said...

Glad you are home! I hope the test results came back showing the treatments worked!!!

hugs & prayers,


Congrats! I am glad that you are done at PCMC... I was a tech that took care of cohen I didn't talk care of you much but I loved it when he let me carry him into radiation. Good luck and keep in touch.

Michele said...

I'm so glad that you are all home! You have truly been blessed with amazing children who are so tough, they must get that from their parents! I hope things continue to go smoothly with his remaining tests and treatments.


Simmons Family: said...

I have followed your blog for a while now and I am amazed at your family's strength!! Kelsi and Cohen are absolutely adorable and sounds like they are TOUGH!!!

I have a 4 mo old, Owen, with HLHS and it's not easy. It's blogs like yours that give me a little boost of strength and optimism.

I am glad you're home with both your munchkins for now!!


Brad & Britt said...

yes! I am so glad that you guys were able to go home! I am so sorry and so sad that I was not there the day that you left! But, there is good news, I work in the Clinic every Thursday, so possibly I will be able to see you guys then! Ashley, you are such an amazing woman and I hope that you know that.

Mindy said...

Ash! It was so good to see you and "Keltsie" lol at the shower on last Saturday! I finally got a chnace to get to your blog, and I must say your kids are SO ADORABLE!!! But I have to know how you get through the days? Just reading about everything the kids have been through being so little, and everything you and Chris do to keep your family going, I bawled through the whole thing! You are amazing! I wish I would have known sooner about all of this so I could have been a better support for you.

It is amazing those bright beautiful smiles Kelsi and Cohen sport, especially when in the hospital! That just makes my heart soar to see them so upbeat in such uncertain and scary circumstances. You guys are all so amazing! Please let me know what I can do to help, if anything.

Love you!

PS, my blog is just FYI

Lizzybo said...

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and hoping you're all doing well and are enjoying the regular life of being at home. :)

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