Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Support... Walk for Healing Hearts

Support can mean a so many different things when you are going through something difficult. It means having someone to listen when all you can do is vent, having a shoulder to cry on when you can no longer hold back your tears, someone offering something so simple when you just can't do it yourself, someone bringing you food when your sick of eating the same thing, someone giving you advice when they've been there, etc. There is a support group that we belong to that do all of those things and much more for us and for others. They were there for us when what we were going through wasn't even related to what they're about. Their group name is Intermountain Healing Hearts. They are a support group for families of children or adults with congenital heart defects (CHDs) and heart disease. We joined the group 2 days after Kelsi's last open heart surgery. Many of the members supported us through Cohen's cancer treatment as well. I've become very close friends with many of the members. Kelsi has become friends with kids that have 'heart' in common.

Their annual 'Healing Hearts' walk will take place on September 12th at the Riverview Park. The event starts promptly at 9:30am. Same day registration begins at 8:00am. Early registration is now until August 26th. To participate the registration fee is $10.00 per person or $50 per immediate family. The registration fee includes receiving a t-shirt for the event. There is no registration fee required for those to participate with a CHD.
Gather your family and friends to support Intermountain Healing Hearts by registering at Donations are tax deductible.

I know I recently asked help supporting Make-A-Wish but this is also something that means so much to our little family. This group was the very first support, outside of family and friends, we received. It even means that much more to us because they supported us through Cohen's trials.

Thank you all so much!


The Curtis Family said...

Hi Ashley!

It was so nice to finally meet you and your sweet little ones at the heart camp.

I agree. This is a great very caring and involved support group and could use all of the help it can get.

Take care!


Melissa said...

Thanks Ashley for spreading the word!! I hope everyone who can, comes!! See you there!

carolyn q said...

I had so much fun being able to chat with you at camp. It makes me happy to see your adorable kids running around and do so well.
You know I have a special affection for you and all you have been through.

magda said...

My name is Magda, let me just start out by saying: "You have two gorgeous kids!"
My cousin Megan, who is 23 weeks pregnant, just found out that her first baby who will be born in June, has a heart disease and will need surgery soon after birth.
Being that you are a "heart mommy" with such success, I was wondering if you can drop my cousin a note in her blog? Her baby-to-be-born is also Cohen! (Great name by the way). Megan's blog is also very touching, see address below.
Thank you for your blog, and sharing your wonderful stories. :)

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