Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Halloween Ever!!!

I can honestly say that this was the best Halloween we've ever had. Both kids were home, nothing major was wrong, they were happy, and they had the cutest costumes!!! Kelsi was an Asian princessand Cohen was a trainWe even went trick or treating like a normal family! We started out in a big group but the older kids were so excited they didn't want to wait for us. So Chris, Cohen, and I made the loop around our house. Cohen was a pro by the third house. He'd start running for the door as soon as we were on they're driveway. I'd knock and then he'd knock. He said trick or treat a few times. His costume was definitely a hit. It would've been fun to have Kelsi with us but she definitely hit more houses in the same amount of time and I think she had more fun with her cousins and her uncle than she would've with us. Here is a picture of the kids before we left the houseI felt so blessed to be able to share this holiday with my family the way we did. Especially with the way Cohen's been feeling. He has thrown up about 3 times a day everyday since the Sunday before Halloween. We were concerned and so were the doctors so they admitted him on Wednesday and nothing came back positive so he was discharged on Thursday. I call it lucky!!! I'll post more about that soon. I have so many things that I need to blog about but haven't. I promise I will do it soon.


penny said...

Cutest kids and costumes EVER!!!!!I am so happy for you guys. We saw Dr. Cowley on Friday....Abby is 'fine' Lets try and get these kids together soon.

Michelle Richard & Grace said...

The kids both look so cute! I'm so glad that you were able to have a great halloween!!! :)

carolyn q said...

Cute pic's ever! I am glad that you were able to enjoy Halloween and have such a fun time together. I hope that the kids continues to do well.
Just so you know I voted and I will let everyone in my family know so they can vote too!

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