Monday, September 29, 2008

Our brave little man

Cohen has been doing really well since he came home from the hospital 2 Saturday's ago. He's still on TPN and lipids but he's eating more food and drinking on his own. The last hospital stay wasn't too rough on him. The first days were hard but the last weren't too bad. He didn't seem to be in too much pain after the antibody was done for the day. He only needed oxygen the first night and came home a day earlier than the other times. He will start the IL2 next week and then he'll have the combo of the IL2 and the antibody the week of the 13th (that's the one that hit him hard in August.)
Here are a couple of picture from this last hospital stay. He absolutely loves his elmo and look at that hair.Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers.


Michelle Richard & Grace said...

So glad that Cohen is doing well. I hope the rest of your family is good too! :)

The Hood's said...

I love that hair! I'm sure you do too! Whoever came up with Elmo has earned themselves a spot in Heaven. Elmo has brought so many smiles to kids faces everywhere. Glad to hear that he is doing well. I hope Kelsi is enjoying school and that you and Chris are surviving life! Take care! Camille

Brad & Britt said...

yes yes yes! He is home! Good to run into you and get the update on one of my favorite families and to see you guys! Hopefully that I can be your nurse next time!

Mike and Rebecca said...

I'm so glad to know that things are o.k. When I think that life is throwing me a curve ball, I just think of what Cohen and the rest of these heart kids have to go through and it really puts things back into prospective. I hope Kelsi is just loving preschool, I know that Brinley just can't wait to go again when she gets home... Thanks for being such great parents!


Mimi said...

Your children are darling!! My little one has been waiting for a heart transplant. I found your blog through one of our heart friends.

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