Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update on the study

The study drug is a pretty nasty drug. The antibodies are attracted to the nerves so that's where the pain is. When it started on Monday Cohen was in so much pain. He was on continous PCA of Dilaudid plus a push button. We kept pushing the button but it didn't seem to help. The pain med made him really itchy so they gave him an antihistamine. Then he started throwing up. Poor guy. So they kept upping the pain med, gave him 2 anti-nausea medicines, and 2 antihistamines. He was so drugged up and was still in pain. The study drug also made his heart rate sky rocket. His heart rate has been around the 80s and 90s and went up to the 160s. The last hour of the infusion his heart rate was in the 190s. Since he was on so many medications his oxygen saturation dropped and he needed oxygen. The infusion ran for 8 hours. The pain was better two hours after that but Cohen still felt yucky. It was a hard first day and I felt soooooooo bad for Cohen. I though maybe the study wasn't the best idea but we'd stick it out at least until the next round to see if it'll get better.
Tuesday- He mainly slept through it. They kept the same drugs going and had a good continuous amount of the Dilaudid; we kept pushing the button for a little more just to keep him comfortable. He spiked a fever and was still on oxygen but it was just the blow by. His heart rate was usually lower than 160.
Wednesday & Thursday- was even better. They didn't do anything different but having the consistancy of the medications made a difference from Monday. He still had fevers and was on the blow by oxygen so he couldn't go home on Friday.
Friday was a good recovery day. He came off of the oxygen and all meds. His heart rate went back down to normal and his fever was gone. So he went home on Saturday.
We're going to stick with the study. It should be a really good thing and worth it. Besides they were able to manage his pain and it's only 4 days every month for 5 months. We still have a really good feeling about it.


Lizzybo said...

Poor little guy. I hope that this study drug helps him immensely and proves to help many many others in the future.

I love you and miss you very much!!

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