Saturday, June 21, 2008

Radiation is over and he's back in the hospital...

He is done with radiation and he did really well through it. But... His heart rate started slowly dropping on Wednesday. It was in the 80's, then Thursday it was in the high 60's so I called and the docs said it could be because he's may be dehydrated. So we gave him iv fluids overnight and checked him again the next morning. His heart rate was 54 bpm. Not fun when I've already experienced low heart rate with Kelsi and now she has a pacemaker. So of course they wanted him to come in. They immediately took blood cultures and hooked him up to fluids. He went down to cardiology for an echo and ekg. Everything looked fine. His heart rate even went back up to the 80's. The cardiologist nurse practioner (the one that checks Kelsi's pacemaker!) came and checked him out. She said everything seemed to be fine but they wanted to hook him up to the 24 hr ekg machine. They admitted him so they could monitor him for a bit and started him on antibiotics just in case. His heart rate is irregular. It is anywhere from the high 60's to 110. His blood pressure is a little lower than normal but they aren't concerned about that because other kids with neuroblastoma experience the same thing. His preliminary cultures came back negative. So we will just wait and see. I don't think I ever mentioned that they have heard a slight murmur every since he was first diagnosed but every test they've done on his heart has come back normal.
(He kept the clear bandages on all week! No tattoo's for my little man.)


Kristi said...

I found your blog from a link, from a link, from a know how that goes! Your beautiful children are in my prayers here in St Louis. I can feel the strength of the Lord through your posts - may He continue to sustain all of you through this latest hospital visit. I hope you are home by now.

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