Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's been awhile...

And things have been going great. But before I update you on what's been going on recently I wanted to let you know what's coming up. Cohen has his scan next week so please keep him in your prayers. Kelsi has her cardiology check up next week as well so please keep her in your prayers. I will update the results next week.

Kelsi started school again last month, 1st grade, and she is a very smart girl. She's been learning challenging spelling words and has been getting 100% + the bonus words. I'm so very proud of her. She loves school and loves to read. I hope that determination continues throughout the years. She started dance in the summer and loved it. We were worried that she'd get too tired because of her heart, but she's doing great so we decided to put her into tumbling during the fall. Her life is so busy right now. Full days of school, homework every night (reading, spelling, and a worksheet,) and tumbling. She's free during the weekends and plays with her brother and friends. That's weird in it's self. When your child says can I go play at my friend's house? I'm just like but don't you want to stay here and play with us? Parents get boring to their kids too soon! It's ok though because at least she has friends that she can play with. But oh does the drama start at a young age!

Cohen started preschool last month as well. He likes it some days and not others. That's to be expected, but for the most part he likes it. His speech is getting much better and he has friends. He's so excited to have friends that he talks about them all the time. I can't believe how big he is getting.

Crazy kids... :)


The Hood's said...

Super cute pics of the kids! I'm so glad that they're doing well. Amazing what strong little spirits they are!

Mike and Rebecca said...

I've been thinking of your cute family this week and praying for the everything to go well. I'll keep checking in for a post. Just know that you are in our thoughts. Rebecca

Tori said...

It's Great To Hear They Are Doing Well And I Hope That Life Just Continues To Get Better For Your Family :) You All Deserve The Happiness!!!! Your Family Is In My Thoughts And Prayers!!! Wishing You The Best With The Upcoming Tests! All My Love!

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